Nursery Dresser Upcycle.

Before & After

I always knew I wanted to do something special for Taylor’s room as soon as that little stick changed colour and said “yup, your pregnant” but being in rental accommodation then and staying with Sam’s parents now, that was always going to be easier dreamt then done. After thinking about it long and hard we decided we would find an old dresser and upcycle it and build a toy box and book shelf to match.

After searching for what seemed like forever in second hand shops and Trademe I eventually won an auction for a sweet little wooden set of drawers for a happy price of $15. I was stoked, Sam was pretty happy with my find but knew how much work was to come.

As we were keeping the gender of our baby a surprise we went with a light green and dark teal, a lot of people said it’s a boy colour combo but I think it works great for girls too. Not that it was an issue with our little one being a boy.  We chose from the Resene’s KidzColour collection  with Tutti Frutti being our base coat & Yabbadabbado used for the animals.


First Sam sanded the dresser back and through away the old knobs as we had purchased some new ones that would be easier for little hands to open.


Next we added some custom made legs and primed it up. Originally the drawers only stood 0.6m high and were a bit awkward for us adults to bend and open the drawers. After adding two coats of primer we added two coats of Resene Tutti Frutti.

Sand & Legs

Prime & undercoat

It took me a while to decide how exactly to decorate the dresser I eventually I decided on silhouette’s of American animals to remind us of our trip to Canada and around the USA and my homeland. I found some images I liked online and traced them onto OHP sheets and cut them out. Once the base coat of Resenes Tutti Frutti was dry & ready I traced around the stencils with a light pencil and painted the animals and other small pieces on in the Resenes Yabbadabbadoo. This actually took me a very very long time because I did it while heavily pregnant, yeah I really don’t recommend that. Each animal took 2 coats so smaller art brushes came in handy.


After all the paint was dry we added a secret message to our baby on the back and loaded in the clothes. The drawers are small but I like it that way as it means Taylor doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of clothes that he grows out of before I realise he’s never worn it & Sam being a good daddy whipped up a bookshelf with matching colour scheme and animal silhouettes big enough for books, toys and all his added extra’s.


– Tui



This post is not sponsored or in conjuction with Resene’s.

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