What Taylor Wore 21.01.14

Our little guy was 4 months old on Tuesday. He’s growing so fast and learning new skills even faster. This week he rolled from his back to his tummy, became even more vocal and tried his first solid food; watermelon. We didn’t get to see him do the rolling because he decided to do it for the split second we had turned our backs and just the once but we’re sure he’ll do it again soon.

IMG_8921 copy  IMG_8923

He’s also mastered grabbing toys and shoving them in his mouth for a good chew. Hence why his collar is always covered in a good amount of drool. Knowing that nearly everything Taylor can get his hands on will be shoved in his mouth I am very conscious of what his toys are made of. We have tended to focus on buying him toys from smaller mom and dad shops and ones made out of natural materials such as wood over plastic or rubber. We have also noticed he does prefer to chew and suck on his wooden toys rather than his plastic or rubber toys which has been a great sigh of relief.

Taylor GoodWhat Tay wore 2

Outfit Details:

  • All-in-one – Bonds 
  • Teether – Dax & Maisy (closed down)
  • Moccasins – Bobux
  • Socks – Bobux



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