What Taylor Wore: 14.01.2013


I’ve been thinking about doing this feature on good life diaries called What Taylor Wore. I love dressing him! He is like my real life doll. We will try to post a picture once a week of an outfit he wore and share where everything is from.

I am not one for clothing sets and things being overly matchy for kids. In fact I prefer the gender neutral stuff to the blues for boys and pinks for girls and I really don’t spend a lot on his clothing either. I just can’t do it, he just grows too fast to warrant spending so much on an outfit & just wait till he starts crawling and walking and getting into everything. His OCD clean freak mom is going to have to learn to chill out on that front.


I love to mix and match things. I can’t help but pick things I would love to wear as well. I love plaids and button up shirts, leather jackets, skinny jeans, lots of cardigans and mixing patterns. He will always be a little bit me I think.

I am excited to share his daily little outfits!



T’shirt – cotton on kids

Leggings – mobi minors from Baby Factory

Socks – linzi


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